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What’s so novel about the idea of name-calling in dorms or about an unenlightened passing on by women of the tired idea that it’s wrong for them to enjoy sex?

Well, slut shaming has acquired an important but subtle use—for higher status women.

The killing spree near Santa Barbara is just one of a series of disturbing recent incidents that have helped to spark an outcry about the persistence of misogyny.

But new research by psychologists in Michigan and California shows that women-hating is not at all an exclusive purview of men.

For them, calling someone of lower status a slut is actually a sexual liberator: By defining the behavior of lower-status women as immoral, they’ve declared their own, serial hook-up behavior to be good, right, and honest.

Night after night after night they can do al whatever they want with whomever they want.

We shouldn't be asking them hard questions about their values, they are perfect. Slut shaming is the gold standard of female hierarchical delineation. How else would we be aware of their superiority over all other women?

", it unambiguously implies that they are the only group that does it, and that the purpose is to solidify their position on top, above all other women.

But the apparently lower-status women were not guilt-free: They often referred to higher-status women as sluts when they felt jealous or picked on.

What did these young women mean when they used the term “slut? For higher-status women, it had little to do with serial sexual encounters.

They reported feeling free to “hook up”—to have many casual sexual encounters—as long as they reserved actual vaginal intercourse for serious relationships.

But instead they selectively use a mans opinion to further exploit a cause that is non-existent.

Yes is true that we can be too much, but is not entirely our problem. Social class goes far beyond calling women "sluts" or other inappropriate names. But I also believe many don't want to be looked upon any different if they say something that goes up against those within the same peers.

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Thus, the concept of marriage is changing widely in many countries.

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“Ashley angels”, as the company called them, were created mostly from abandoned profiles, utilizing the photos supplied by former users.