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A raver, a person into the lifestyle and music of hardcore house and techno. Quavers, Cheese Flavour - a potato snack manufactured by Walkers Snack Foods Ltd. Impudence, cheek, especially by a child to an adult. Very common on the gay scene for an attractive young male. A game of courage in which competitors dare one another to complete a given task. E.g."Come on chuck, let's go out whilst the sun's shining." Verb. E.g."Harry's done his usual, he's missed the toilet and chucked all over the floor." 2. E.g."I'm going to chuck her at the weekend, she's really annoying me with her moaning." Noun. The act of soliciting illicit and anonymous sex in a public place by male homosexuals. E.g."Is it any wonder that she reported him for sexual harrassment, he always copped a feel of her bottom whenever she walked past his desk." Verb. Derogatory, but often used less aggressively, as an affectionate aside, as in 'silly cow', see also 'moo'. You'll have a heart attack unless you learn to chill a little." Noun. Watch some TV, drink a little wine, and go out clubbing tomorrow night?

E.g."Last night was a crack, especially with Mandy doing that drunken striptease." See 'good crack'.

E.g."That film was boring, too long, and generally just total chuff." 2.

Also used as a euphemism for 'fuck' in expressions such as the denial - "Did I chuff!

E.g."She chuffed just as we were saying grace before dinner" Noun.

Working on busy shopping streets chuggers are often young people and will usually be seen carrying clipboards.

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See the rest of the list, below: Enough to put you off Tinder?

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You, my egg-nog drinking friend who thinks it’s appropriate to quiz me on my ‘background’ are using the little ‘m’ definition. This is the category I’ve encountered most in Quebec.

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Tinder users should be aware of the potential risks, and the benefits this app would offer to the internet troll.

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They may be sold to a different owner who uses different standards or may engage in some of those shady practices to boost membership and use. You simply have to watch your back on any online dating site.