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Nothing will be returned with- out a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE). SEX WORKERS OUTREACH TRANSGENDER SUPPORT PROJECT: SWOPPO Box 1 453, Darlinghurst 20 1 0. TRANSGENDER LIBERATION COALITION: TLC, PO Box 208, Kings Cross, 201 1. QUEENSLAND IS - MARY RUSSELL: PO Box 3371, Logan Hyperdrome, Loganholme.4129. She announced that we were going to play house and marched right into my parents' closet. Rosie donned my Dad's shirt, tie and pants, and slopped around in his huge shoes.

What Is The International Foundation For Gender Education T he International Foundation for Gender Education is the largest non- profit organization serving the transgendered community. His hat (men wore hats in those days) rested neatly on her lower lip. We scrambled about trying to put things away, but my Mom was in the room before much could happen. 'As for you young man, look at the mess you've made." Then came those chilling words that every kid learns to hate, "Just you wait until your father gets home." Oh, boy! That night one of those huge hands imparted 5-fingered wisdom to my behind.

IFGE depends on gifts for a significant portion of its income. If you have an interest in gender issues, please contribute. Israel Letters from TGs Dear Gianna: I completely disagree with the notion of therapists standing in the way of transgenders getting hormones.

IFGE is a registered 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. It seems ridiculous that grown ups cannot walk into a doctor's office because you and your colleagues monopolize and stereotype people with the HBIGDA Standards of Care. However, I also live as a girl during the evenings and weekends. However, my local gender therapist said that crossdressers can't take hormones because they are not interested in having sexual reassignment surgery. Endocrynology/Andrology, Free University Hos- pital, PO Box 7057,1007 MB.


There are psychological and social aspects which have an important bearing on the CD’s behavior and the CD’s own view of self as well as society’s view of the CD and, of particular importance, the relationship between the CD and his close associates, be they spouse, partner, colleagues or friends.

Pros and cons regarding telling, not telling partners, family members, and close fiends are well presented.

There is a fairly good chapter on how to: select feminine clothing, shoes, walking, hair, basic makeup and cosmetic steps, and many of the considerations critical if one is to go out in public crossdressed. New York Girls Newsletter “Crossdressing (transvestitism)," writes Leslie Gordon, “is su- perficially a simple matter of persons of one sex wearing clothing tradi- tionally worn by the other.

The com- munity consists of a growing network of over 300 local, regional, and national sup- port organizations ranging from informal support groups to non-profit organiza- tions, and publishers of gender-related material. [email protected] (Rosalind Hengeveld), TV/SO - FPE LATVIA: Elga Remes, Jurmala, 15. TV/TS/GLBT/CD - CORN-FLOWERS, The Russian Soci- ety at the Volga River’s Area: c/o Yuri Kumykov, PO Box 10, Saratov RUSSl A. AUSTRALIA NEW SOUTH WALES F-M TS - BOYS WILL BE BOYS PO Box 1349, Strawberry Hills, 2012. She applied equal portions to my face, the clothes, the vanity and the floor. The Bliss of Becoming One: Integrating "Feminine" Feelings into the Male Psyche, and a voluminous contributor to the TG press.) Transgender Tapestry 49 .

IFGE goals include: To educate members of the TG community, the general public, media, and elected officials on crossdressing, transgender, and transsexual issues; To educate medical, psychological, and psychiatric health-care professionals and other care providers about TG facts, needs, and special issues; To monitor legislation that affects the TG community; To provide legal back-up and/or referrals for victims of discrimination; To provide outreach and referrals for individuals and organizations within the TG community. Telephone: 61-02-319-2034, GENDER CENTRE: PO Box 266, Petersham, 2049.

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Will women feel better about dating younger men as we chip away at the convention that it’s men who have to be the providers, and women the nurturers?

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My girlfriend has pretty bad personal hygiene - how best to help her?

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