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This is also known as OS (Old Style) and NS (New Style).

The Calendar Act 1752 brought about further changes.

Compare the symbol for about a pound in weight, which is represented by ‘lb’ - it comes from the same. A shilling was represented by ‘s’, originally short for ‘solidos’, a Roman coin. A penny was represented by ‘d’, short for ‘denarius’, a Roman coin. A halfpenny was represented by ‘ob’, short for ‘obolus’, a Roman coin. A farthing was represented by ‘qua’, short for ‘quadrans’. When transcribing documents that mention amounts of money, do not expand the abbreviations such as li, ob, etc.

Leave them abbreviated, and remember to transcribe li as ‘£’. Top of page Square measurements were given in acres (abbreviated to ‘a’), roods (‘r’) and perches (‘p’).

So in 1752 these days had to be cut out of the year to make the adjustment.

Therefore Wednesday 2 September 1752 was followed immediately by Thursday 14 September.

In her own words, she described herself during this period as "a shy, pretty little girl unhappily accustomed to moving from base to base every two or three years".

In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII had reformed the calendar, then in use, known as the Julian Calendar (named after Julius Caesar).

The Julian Calendar did not correspond exactly to the solar year.

Thus the year number did not change until 25 March, so taking 1558 as an example, the dates ran as follows: So if you see a document dated any time between January and 24 March before 1752, be aware that in modern terms, you need to add a year.

In publications you may see this written as January 1750/51, the year as it was known at the time / the year as we know it now.

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Many of those joining us living in the West Midlands come to us via a personal recommendation from one of the many happy couples that we have helped create.

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He has worked with sixth-form students at Chobham Academy to compose a school anthem as the first arts project under the plan to create a cultural legacy for the residents of the new neighbourhood.